EYOC 2011 on Czech TV

05. 07. 2011

5 minutes document about EYOC 2011 broadcasted in Czech TV is right here. (Minutes 3:45 – 8:50). Sorry but the document is only in Czech language.

EYOC 2011 is over. THANKS TO ALL OF YOU!

02. 07. 2011

European Youth Orienteering Championships 2011 took place in Jindřichův Hradec from 24th to 26th June 2011. 336 competitors were competing in sprint distance, long distance and relay event. We deeply believe that the Championships was beneficial for you not only for the result you achieved but also for sport enjoyment and new friendship with other people from all over the Europe which will last for the rest of your lives.

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Maps from relay

27. 06. 2011

How difficult it was to be the best on relay event? You can find out yourself!

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Team competition results

27. 06. 2011

1st – the Czech Republic – 1267 points

2nd – Switzerland – 1031 points

3rd – Russia – 949 points

Complete results are here. CONGRATULATIONS TO THE CHAMPIONS!

Photos from relay

26. 06. 2011

Take a look at the photos from EYOC 2011 relay event. Have fun!

Final relay results

26. 06. 2011

EYOC 2011 is over! Here you can find results of relay event.

Long maps

26. 06. 2011

Take a look at the maps from the long event.

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Relay – three gold medals for the Czech Republic, one for Denmark!

26. 06. 2011

Medalists of EYOC 2011 relay are here:


Gold – the Czech Republic (Lenka Svobodová, Karolína Bořánková, Anna Štičková)

Silver – France (Lucile Clouard, Delphine Poirot, Chloé Haberkorn)

Bronze – Switzerland (Paula Gross, Kerstin Ullmann, Sandrine Müller)


Gold – the Czech Republic (Johanka Šimková, Nikola Kochová, Vendula Horčičková)

Silver – Norway (Marie Nordbye Nybo, Anna Ulvensoen, Runa Fremstad)

Bronze – Austria (Anna Nilsson-Simkovics, Lisa Pacher, Anja Arbter)


Gold – Denmark (Thomas Knudsen, Magnus Maag, Mikkel Aaen)

Silver – Lithuania (Martynas Tirlikas, Gytis Nakvosas, Algirdas Bartkevičius)

Bronze – the Czech Republic (Václav Šňupárek, Jonáš Hubáček, Jan Pavlovec)


Gold – the Czech Republic (Tomáš Kubelka, Marek Minář, Adam Chloupek)

Silver – Sweden (Niklas Aldén, Anton Johansson, Erik Malmberg)

Bronze – Russia (Aleksandr Makeichik, Andrey Kozyrev, Ivan Kuchmenko)


Photos from long distance victory ceremony..

26. 06. 2011

..are here. Enjoy!

Live results relay

26. 06. 2011 can find them here. Enjoy!

New photos from sprint and long

26. 06. 2011

Check new photos from sprint and long distance in EYOC 2011 album. Enjoy!

Drawing route choices

26. 06. 2011

Hello! You can draw your route choices from the sprint event right here. Have fun!

Relay startlist and Team competition results

25. 06. 2011

We bring you startlist for relay event and also actual results for team competition after long.

LONG winner’s reactions

25. 06. 2011

There is the Victory Ceremony of the long distance at chateau in Jindřichův Hradec on Saturday from 7 p.m. Do you want to know how have today’s winners (including Mikkel Aanen from Denmark in the picture) reacted just after crossing the finish line?

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Medalists LONG

25. 06. 2011

EYOC 2011 distance is over. Here are the medalists, CONGRATULATIONS!

W16: 1st – Bořánková Karolina (CZE), 2nd – Falck Weber Amanda (DEN), 3rd – Štičková Anna (CZE)

W18: 1st – Sandberg Frida (SWE), 2nd – Polishchuk Mariya (UKR), 3rd – Arbter Anja (AUT)

M16: 1st – Aaen Mikkel (DEN), 2nd – Bartkevičius Algirdas (LTU), 3rd – Mertenat Quentin (SUI)

M18: 1st – Zernis Rudolfs (LAT), 2nd – Malmberg Erik (SWE), 3rd – Niewiedziala Robert (POL)

Complete results are here, first part of photos is right here. More information coming soon.

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